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Our Method

We offer a safe, organic, and toxin free service to achieve a lice free life for your family. Our primary method is the Strand by Strand method which is the most thorough and complete method for lice removal. Our owner and operator has trained under world renowned lice Expert Katie Shepherd at the Shepherd institute where ongoing research and continuing education bring state of the art and current lice techniques to all the institutes alumni and affiliates.

Our Services

In Salon Treatment

Come to our modern facility for treatment and wait in peace using our complimentary wifi, and while you and your children are treated enjoy our large state of the art theatre style TV while everyone sits back, relaxes, and enjoys our thorough lice removal treatment.

In Home Treatment

While our facility offers the ideal environment for lice removal treatments we understand this might not be the ideal situation for everyone. We do offer in home services which are available by special arrangement.

School and Daycare Inspections and Screenings

We are available to come to schools, daycares, clubs, and camps to check for head lice.  All treatments include a free follow up head check to be scheduled at initial appointment one week later with additional treatment included if needed.

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Aventura Lice Removal Clinic & Treatment Center

The Orange Cross was created to help service parents, children, and families in need of head lice removal service and head lice treatment in Aventura and it’s surrounding areas. The growing problem is increasing nationally and Florida in particular is a state with a recurring incident level. The growing problem is due to improper treatment using over the counter products that don’t work for head lice removal effectively and the fact that the lice have mutated over generations and are not affected by the majority of those products.  Most parents and individuals relying on their own skills and in home over the counter remedies are extremely likely to miss all the lice or nits which greatly increases the chance of a recurring infestation.  To the point that many people think they have just caught lice again months later.  The true fact is that the lice and or nits were never properly removed to begin with.  Our Aventura lice clinic and lice removal treatment service is thorough by removing the lice and eggs manually in conjunction with safe effective lice treatment removal products.

Our lice removal Aventura salon uses a thorough method that is the only way to insure that your lice removal treatment is done properly. We even include a free head check follow up to make sure our head lice removal treatment has been completely effective.  Our work is guaranteed but it is important that like any other treatment that you follow instructions.  Would you not take the medicine your doctor prescribes?  With lice it is important to have each family member checked of lice and treated as needed at our Aventura facility.  If you don’t do this you increase the chance of never fully removing the lice from your household.  The biggest issue is lack of identifying the head lice problem until it is out of control and easily spreading from child to child in schools and in the home of families. Many people cannot feel any form of irritation; while others do, as each person can react differently. The importance of proper Aventura lice removal, head lice treatment, head lice prevention and identification cannot be underestimated. Various in home services nationally resource a variety of techniques and you cannot be sure who will show up and what process will be used. For this simple fact we recommend our Aventura head lice treatment center for the most thorough, safe, and consistent form of head lice removal treatment.

We are a Shepherd Institute Certified facility as well as being an approved vendor for the Miami Dade Schools District.   The Orange Cross Aventura offers competitive pricing, the friendliest staff, a huge 70 inch flat screen tv for our customers to view while being treated, and complimentary espresso and San Pellegrino.  If your children don’t like the big screen we have Tablet computers to watch alternative programming during treatment or while waiting.  We offer same day service in Aventura in salon as well as House Calls in all neighboring municipalities near Aventura and beyond.  We have the friendliest staff and our 7-10 inclusive recheck is the best deal around to bring you peace of mind and insure you are lice free.  If head lice has been a recurring problem for your family with school age children the hassle is over.  Be sure to ask us about our Lice Insurance program keeping your kids lice free for a very small monthly fee to include treatment as needed.  Be sure to check with your health insurance carrier as many health insurance groups will reimburse all or part of lice removal treatments.  Call The Orange Cross Lice Removal today at 305-301-9949 and end your Aventura lice problem once and for all.

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