Only The Best At The Orange Cross

Here at The Orange Cross Lice Removal we pride ourselves in only using the best products on the market for lice removal miami treatments.  The Terminator comb is head and shoulders above the competition. Even if you are are going to attempt a DIY lice removal treatment this is the tool.  We don’t really recommend too many products available over the counter; however, this comb is amongst the best.  Lice Treatment Centers Miami should only use the best products.  While we clearly recommend our professional treatments  for lice removal Miami  to make sure that you eradicate the problem we do also support the use of the Terminator Comb.

That being said we do warn against attempting to remove the nits and bugs yourself without a trained eye as one of the real problems with lice is that most people are not efficient enough to remove everything and the problem does not go away.  This combined with the ineffectiveness of OTC and prescription shampoos has led and contributes to the ongoing lice epidemic.   Come to The Orange Cross Lice Removal for a pleasant and efficient head lice removal Miami experience.