The Orange Cross is an Authorized Vendor for The Miami-Dade Public Schools!

The Orange Cross Lice Removal is pleased to announce that it is an authorized vendor for The Miami-Dade Public Schools.  We perform voluntary head checks at multiple schools and daycares and work hard to share factual and accurate information about lice removal, prevention, and proper identification of the ongoing problem.  The biggest reason that the lice are never leaving the schools are due to improper treatment, ineffective over the counter treatments, insufficient prevention and lack of identification until the children are already itching and it’s bad enough to easily spread to others.  Additionally, in most cases other household members and caregivers are not checked and often pass the lice back to the children making it difficult to irradiate from the various households.    The Orange Cross Lice Removal offers free checks to identify if you or your loved ones have lice.   The Orange Cross also offers Lice Insurance which is a cost effective way to make sure you are  able to get treatment when it comes back through the schools annually at a low cost saving you money.  Protect you school age children from continuing to get lice with The Orange Cross Lice Removal’s Lice Insurance.