Season for Pumpkins and Miami Lice Removal

As the contiguous United States battles the Super Lice Epidemic and strives to control the various outbreaks there is no avoiding the holiday season. The Fall is full of joy from the start with back to school, homecoming, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and finally Christmas. It’s a time when friends and family are together for a variety of events and holidays. With that time spent together is also the special delivery of those unwanted friends the head lice.

It all starts with Back to School. New friends are made and old friends reunited. The elementary children, pre-schoolers, and daycare attendees have no boundaries where personal proxemics are concerned and with the use of shared iPads and iPods, books, and other devices the opportunity for head to head contact has greatly increased. There seems to be no end in sight for these bugs to ever go away. It’s ever so important for each person in the household to make sure they are lice free even if one child has lice. Some people will not have the same irritation as others and not know they have lice until the infestation is pretty far along or severe. It’s ever so important to have each family member checked and treated to make sure the problem is controlled and eliminated. Even with that great treatment from places like The Orange Cross Lice Removal you may be faced with the reality that your children could bring it home again in the same school year having picked up some lice from someone else.  It’s best to seek out a lice treatment center Miami .

Sharing masks at Halloween, sharing brushes to get ready and in costume, digging through bags of candy together with head to head contact all can help spread the critters. Don’t forget your relatives that come for Thanksgiving might leave you something in the form of head lice that you most certainly won’t be thankful that they gave you. Families getting together over the holiday season and stuck indoors due to Winter weather is a great way for head lice to spread in close quarters.

Hilary Altman the Director of The Orange Cross Lice Removal in Miami says “Back to School and after the holiday season are always really busy times for us. It never fails that families deliver or receive the gift of lice. There is not a lot that can be done about it other than to seek professional treatment to make sure it is all gone and urge all family members to be checked for lice.”

With the Super Lice having built up strong immune systems to over the counter treatments and the litany of wives tales on how to remove the lice it makes it tough to cure. It’s best to seek out a professional that guarantees their work or does multiple rechecks to make sure the problem is out of your hair.   Come to our Lice Removal Miami treatment center today.