Use Caution When Considering in Home Lice Treatment Services

Traditionally in home Lice Treatment Services Miami and other areas and regions in the contiguous United States have been a popular go to solution for eliminating a lice infestation.    In the past having or getting lice had some certain social stigmas or was embarrassing and considered to affect the lower strata of society.   This is why in many cases families wanted to quietly have the problem dealt with in home without discussing or calling a lot of attention to themselves.  Lice in fact love hair in general.  Of course, larger families living in closer quarters rung a higher risk of spreading the problem from head to head.  Particularly families with small children getting snuggled in bed at night or read stories in bed where head to head contact may occur.  Even siblings laying together sharing an iPad can have head to head contact just to give you some basic ideas how it can spread aside from sharing brushes or personal items.

While there are surely some good and well meaning in home Lice Removal services in Miami and other metropolitan areas that can be considered, they may also be overburdened with calls and work loads that have required them to hire or subcontract out to less thorough and less efficiently skilled and trained lice removal technicians.   There is no doubt that the convenience of in home treatment might be best for some people; however, it often comes with a much higher premium than going to a lice clinic Miami.   Many companies charge travel, an in home premium price and/or hourly fees.  This can be quite costly and then you might end up paying for someone who is not thorough and just wants to get out of your house as soon as possible.  We recommend  our head lice treatment Miami facility as we have all the tools necessary at our disposal to make sure we identify and remove all the lice and nits to eliminate your problem.  It’s very difficult for in home treatment services to transport everything needed.  At our Lice Removal Salon Miami we have salon chairs at the right height to see clearly, magnifying glasses, magnifying visors, a variety of nontoxic applications to choose from.  Not to mention great entertainment while you are serviced.

It’s difficult to estimate how long a Lice Removal Miami service will take as each individual can have a different level of infestation and there are many different hair lengths and hair thicknesses.   It’s important that you a lot plenty of time for your Lice Removal Treatment as you may have no idea how bad you have it as some people have symptoms and some people are unaware that they have lice.  If you want the problem to go away permanently you should be patient and have the service done properly and have your entire family checked for lice at a reputable Head Lice Clinic Miami.   The in home or mobile lice removal services may be a good solution in some cases and by some companies but beware higher fees, the possibility of less thorough treatments, and the possibility of being treated by unskilled and poorly trained rogue freelance lice technicians that are unmanaged on site by the owner of the mobile lice service who is not at the job or service site.logo-orange-cross